Welcome to the Sex Education Page!

Every incoming Hopkins student has a different experience with sex education, whether it has been taught by a parent/guardian, in school, or some other setting. Some even may have not received any sort of education at all. Whatever your background may be, it is completely normal to continue learning and have questions!

The purpose of this page is to bridge the sex ed gap so everyone can have the opportunity, if they wish, to engage in safe and fun intercourse.

A very important part of sex education and sexual intercourse is consent. Consent as an ongoing conversation during sex is crucial to healthy and enjoyable sex life. Here is an explanation of consent by planned parenthood and an article about communicating during sex from CampusWell.


As of 6/2021, the content on this section of the website includes basic information about Reproductive Health, Birth Control, STI Prevention, and a resource map. A blog with more content coming soon!

If you see this icon, it means the text next it is referring to resources for the topic being discussed. These resources are either through Hopkins or the greater Baltimore area.

This page is run by the Advocates for Reproductive and Sexual Health club (ARSH). 

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Molly Hutchinson, CHEW's Health Education Specialist, is a great resource for Hopkins students as well! She also assists in reviewing the content of this site. You can check out her university bio here, and her email is mhutch12@jhu.edu and phone number 667-208-8745

The CHEW Sexual Well-Being page is another, university-sponsored resource for students.