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Note on blog privacy:

Reviewers of this blog are not responsible employees, and submissions will be kept private and anonymous. Reviewers may follow up on submissions that include identifiable information to ensure that the individual is provided with appropriate resources.


What to know before you submit:

To help people make an informed decision about the content of a submission, we would like to warn that we do not have control over whether the content of this blog gets reported to the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE) by third party viewers of the blog. Viewers who recognize the content of a posted story may or may not be able to trace the story back to its owner and to those mentioned in it. If you are in need of more specific resources, please refer to the resource map on our website.


What to expect if OIE receives a report: 

If a report is made based on a student submission, OIE will reach out to that student, if identified, by e-mail to offer information about their options and various resources. While certain situations and information – such as active safety concerns – may require OIE to take action without first speaking with the student, OIE generally prefers to speak with the student before moving forward with an assessment or investigation.

OIE may also notify other individuals mentioned in a report. If organizations are mentioned, the Office of Student Conduct may or may not take action in investigating the organization.

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