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Get Involved with the Women and Gender Minorities' Caucus (WGMC)


The WGMC serves to:

  • advocate on behalf of survivors of gender and sexual violence and misconduct on campus

  • educate the student body about current policies and resources

  • and cultivate connections with administrative bodies including the Office of Institutional Equity. 

Contact Ellie Kim,, with any questions and for additional information. 

Get Involved with Advocates for Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH)


ARSH serves to:

  • promote reproductive health freedom and equality amongst all people, regardless of background

  • fight reproductive healthcare barriers on campus and in Baltimore

  • supports access to comprehensive reproductive health care and medically accurate education to enhance the understanding of human sexuality 

Contact ARSH's Campus & CHEW Committee Lead Sydney Santos,, with any questions or concerns. 

Get Involved with the Sexual Assault Resource Unit (SARU)


SARU serves to:

  • support survivors of sexual assault and violence by creating healing events and community for survivors and operating a 24/7 support hotline

  • advocate for the rights of survivors and work with the Office of Institutional Equity to ensure that survivors are supported and centered in Title IX reporting processes

  • promote consent culture on campus by creating awareness campaigns and events and facilitating workshops for student groups

Contact SARU Co-Directors Michael Vidal and Padmini Balaji,, with any questions and for additional information.

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